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Fwd: websession clustering and persitent store

Cross-sending this to dev@.

Alexey Goncharuk, you are probably the best person to help here. The
problem the user is having looks like a serious usability issue. Do you
have any ideas on how to improve the current behavior?


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From: Ilya Kasnacheev <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 9:57 AM
Subject: Re: websession clustering and persitent store
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It seems that indeed you will have to activate the cluster first and only
then start the web app that requires web session clustering.

You can also contemplate having a separate Ignite cluster (same processes,
different discovery ports) without persistence just for sessions.


Ilya Kasnacheev

2017-12-18 10:22 GMT+03:00 MoserMan <[hidden email]>:

> Thx for the reply!
> I don't want to persist my web session data. But i do need to persist my
> other caches (entire cluste rshut down, initial data load).
> But my web session data is inside the same cluster so the cluster isn't
> active after a complete reboot of my system. My main problem is my tomcats
> wont boot correctly because of this exception.
> From what i know i shouldn't set the cluster to active until all nodes have
> started correctly? If this isn't a real problem i could just set it to
> active and wouldnt haven any troubles startig my servers.
> br
> Manuel
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