[MTCGA]: new failures in builds [6022623] needs to be handled

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[MTCGA]: new failures in builds [6022623] needs to be handled

Hi Igniters,

 I've detected some new issue on TeamCity to be handled. You are more than welcomed to help.

 *    Test with high flaky rate in master CacheLateAffinityAssignmentTest.testBlockedFinishMsg2 https://ci.ignite.apache.org/project.html?projectId=IgniteTests24Java8&testNameId=-3070665115012550932&branch=%3Cdefault%3E&tab=testDetails
 No changes in the build

         - Here's a reminder of what contributors were agreed to do https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/IGNITE/How+to+Contribute 
         - Should you have any questions please contact [hidden email]

Best Regards,
Apache Ignite TeamCity Bot
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